boston George North American Pale Ale

Boston George is our North American Pale Ale. A Pale that doesn't quite fit into a category. With it's high alcohol (6.3%) and high IBUs (54) you'd expect this beer to really come after you. It doesn't. It was created to be a bridge between an American Pale Ale and an India Pale Ale. Given the inspiration for this beer is to cross boundaries and borders, we named the beer after our grandfathers first cousin George. George was born on Beckwith Road and was a detective in the Boston Police Force. Cheers!!

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Floral, Medium Hoppiness

American Amber 1.jpg

red lantern american amber ale

Red Lantern is our American Amber Ale. A favorite style of Both Mark and Mitch, this beer offers notes or caramel, pine, and some floral notes. The Amber gets its name from a short story by Aldo Leopold (a father of North American Conservation). Partridgeberries (Red Lanterns) can be found all over the farm on Beckwith Road, and as fall turns into winter, they will guide your way back to a warm fire and cold pint. This beer comes in at 5.3% with 45 IBUs. 

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Pine, Smooth, 


upland american brown

Upland is our American Brown Ale. Our family has a long tradition of taking to the woods in October in pursuit of Grouse and Woodcock. Mark has a passion for conscious hunting and cooking of wild game. This is his go to beer after a long day afield. This beer is roasty, malty with medium hoppiness. You'll find notes of toffee and some have found hints of coffee. This beer is 6.1% ABV with 40 IBUs 


Aunt martha american blond ale

Aunt Martha is our American Blonde Ale. This beer was built to introduce non-craft drinkers into the wonderful world we call local craft beer. Our Aunt Martha, has been a light lager (think Coors Light, Sleemans Clear) drinker for as long as we can remember. In Fact, this is the case for most of our family. We built this beer for them, and all others who have yet to explore this great community. It's approachable, malty, with light floral notes. A great beer for the game or the beach. It comes in at 4.3% ABV with 30IBUs.